Lighting the Chargers Bolt


New Curved Chargers Bolt Lights County Building

SAN DIEGO - On Thursday, January 14th, a new electrified lighting bolt on the main tower of the county administration center. This new tribute to the San Diego Chargers was put up to show the County’s support for the Chargers, who once again won the AFC West title. 

"This year we have the new logo, a terrific Chargers squad that is built to win now and a new way to celebrate our team," said Roberts. 

In the past, Supervisor Roberts has installed 20-foot by 40-foot banners on two sides of the tower at the County Administration Center. Each year the team has lost, falling short in its quest to win its first Super Bowl. County employees and others declared the banners jinxed, and nervously worried Roberts would erect them again this year. He did not. 

The record with the banners up is one win and three losses. This year the banners stay down. 

To bust the jinx and still support the Chargers, Roberts asked his colleagues Supervisor Greg Cox, Supervisor Dianne Jacob, Chairwoman Pam Slater-Price and Supervisor Bill Horn, along with Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard, and others, to dig into their OWN PERSONAL POCKETS to pay for a new tribute. The county will project on its tallest tower a giant curved lightening bolt. 

"In these difficult economic times, the Chargers are lifting spirits and bringing San Diegans together all across our great county. I am proud of the team and proud of my colleagues for dipping into their personal pockets to make this happen,” said Roberts. “It’s time to energize the lightening bolt and strike down the Jets. Go Chargers!" 

The bolt will stay lit as long as the team keeps winning on its road to the 2009 season Super Bowl.