Family Disaster Plans Sent out to Residents


July 24, 2006

San Diego --- In a major effort to encourage San Diego County residents to prepare for disasters, the County of San Diego today began mailing copies of its new Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide to all county residents.

On May 9, 2006 the Board of Supervisors voted to mail the plan to every resident. The plan will include a postcard for residents to request a copy of the plan in Spanish, Tagalog or Vietnamese. Also included with the plan are an evacuation checklist refrigerator magnet and four emergency contact information wallet cards.

The plan is an easy-to-use document that provides helpful tips for families and individuals before, during and after a disaster. It advises those completing the document to select alternate evacuation routes from their home and neighborhood, select a location where family members can reunite after a disaster, select an out-of-town contact for everyone to check in with, and a list of items to be included in their family disaster kits.

“Whether it’s the threat of a wildfire, pandemic flu or an   earthquake, everyone must be prepared for a disaster – natural or manmade,” said Supervisor Ron Roberts. “With the distribution of this disaster plan, the County of San Diego is encouraging you to prepare a checklist of supplies you will need for at least three days after a disaster.”

A total of 1.4 million disaster plans are being mailed out         countywide. It will take about two weeks for all the plans to reach mailboxes. Anyone who does not receive a plan by August 14 can contact the County OES at 858-565-3490. Persons wishing additional copies of the plan can also download them from the OES Web site at